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The Radio Klotestad radio show 23dec01
Episode 2023dec01 is a 1 hour and 17 minutes story of music and sound from all corners of the universe (with a.o. Decisive Pink, Ruede Hagelstein and Whispering Sons), and you can listen here: (link opens in new window on Mixcloud).

Some vaguely lit shape in an evenly vague, and dark, environment

Newly added items
nov 1:    The porcelain: together talk.

nov 6:    Colorsets: A new set of 15 free Radio Klotestad coloring pages! HURRAY! No email adress needed to download, just click and download and print and go!

nov 12:    Main movie afterdish: A commuter's dreams.

nov 19:    Silly Walks (6): With out books.

nov 21:    Interior: A collage-poem from year zero translated!

nov 29:    Nice chatting in Quicksand: Having pleasant conversations already?

dec 3:    DoomAndGloomSalad: Simple, cheap, and easy (to adapt as you please, too). A new Klotestads comfort recipe for the tormented person.

dec 3:    SKLOG: The sky log i restarted this year, however not on a daily base: i keep forgetting it :-) And i don't want to schedule things, because that will be boring. Maybe one day i'll find the ultimate way of doing this.
NB: my apologies when there is no alttext available. I sometimes use a script to show the photo's, and that does not work quite well with alttext. I'm still looking for some solution. I don't know if people with a visual disability are interested in photo series? If you like, please let me know, your comments via email are always welcome.

(not very) Soon in this Theatre:
  The Misogyny Files (available in the Dutch version, translation will take a couple of ?).

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